Worldview Education Fair - Douala, Cameroon

Hôtel Akwa Palace

Make a career investment. Find the ideal course for you.
You are welcomed into a world of learning.

Meet the top universities, businesses, and high schools from around the world. Senior admissions staff are available to assist you and provide you with spot admissions.

Live interactive seminars

Attend live information sessions to learn about visas, costs, the application process, housing, and employment options in different countries around the world.

Build the employable YOU!

Make the appropriate course selection. Learn how your studies can help you advance your career and make you employable in any country.

Discover 1000's of course

Undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA, and high school degrees are all available. The ideal course is just around the corner.

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This event will help you plan your future studies and gives you different options available.

Meet face to face with outstanding universities, high schools, creative business, medical, hospitality and specialist schools from USA, Canada, UK, Europe and more.

This is a unique opportunity to get personalized free advice directly from senior admissions staff.

Get the information you need to take the next step in your education.

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